Day 189: Photos of garage doors

15 05 2013

day189-2Here’s some photos of the garage doors.  The colour of the garage door goes well with the other colours we have selected and matches well with the timber stains on the door and window frames.  The gables above the garage still need to be stained with Cabot’s in Rich Walnut colour which should make it match the door better.

Overall we are very happy with how the whole facade is coming together!

Kristen met the tilers from Beaumont Tiles yesterday and they went through how the tiles will be laid out.  As our two main tiles are slightly different sizes they explained how in some areas the tiles will not line up.  It was really good that they explained this as it helps manages our expectations of how the final layout will look.  The tiling should be completed by this week.

The latest update from Simon indicated that the electrical and plumbing fit outs will start next week and the painting will finish on Saturday.  And Simon mentioned he will continue to follow up on a few quality issues.  Looks like we are making good progress – great job Simon & Metricon.

Front of garage: Gliderol Panel Glide - Classic Cedar

Front of garage: Gliderol Panel Glide – Classic Cedar


Rear of garage: Roller-a-Door - Evening Haze

Rear of garage: Roller-a-Door – Evening Haze




3 responses

16 05 2013

Looking good guys. Not long now till you should get the keys.

18 01 2015

Hi guys, I’ve been following your blog and love your house! We are currently building with Metricon and are at frame stage. I just noticed you opted for a roller door in the rear of your garage. M told us we couldn’t have one because we have a drop edge beam. It seems your garage floor isn’t level with the ground. Do you know what is the diffence in height? Thanks

19 01 2015


I have looked at the plans and it isn’t clear about how much the drop with the ground. But from memory it wasn’t much at all. If you look at the photos you can probably try to guess how much the drop is (it looks like 2.5 brick heights).

This photo is of course before the landscaping and now the ground is level with the garage as we have concreted it.



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