Day 72: Joists Finished, 1st Floor Started

18 01 2013

It’s been a week since our last post.  We got our weekly call from Site Manager, Simon today to give us an update.  Whenever possible we go pass the block to see the progress, but we weren’t able to get on site this week.  From the the photos taken today you can see the framers have completed the joists and the floor for the first floor.  The external frame for the first floor have started.  It looks like most of the left hand side is complete and some of the frame on the right side towards the back has started.  Trusses will get delivered next week and the brickies have been lined up.  Good way to go into the weekend.

We’ll have more photos next time when we meet on site with Simon.




You can see the window outline to upstairs leisure room


You can just see some of the 1st floor frame on the right hand side behind the tree branches


Here you can see the first floor frame to one side of the master bedroom



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18 01 2013

Looking good guys!

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